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Foreclosure Defense (2 of them)

I had 2 foreclosures on 2 different properties started by 2 different banks because I lost my income and I simply ran out of money and credit cards. Jorge took my cases and he fought them for more than 5 years and I did not ended up with the title of both of the properties only because the judges did not want to set precedents in Miami-Dade county. The first case had a flagrant fraud on the paperwork committed by the Mortgage Lender and the second case the bank could not produce the Note. In both cases I had to get modifications but I got them in very favorable terms, all of this thanks to Jorge, after almost 6 years (2016) my economic situation had improved and I was able to qualify both properties for permanent modifications that are already in place!

 – Posted by Istvan

Superb Service

George is extremely professional, kind, knowledgeable and resourceful. He has represented me on two occasions and I could not be happier with his services. His expertise ensured a satisfactory outcome on both occasions. As a trial attorney, there is no better. I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation.

– Posted by Walter

Super Excellent Lawyer and a human being

We have a false lawsuit consisting of 135 pages , we were scared and confuse , we did shop around and check other attorneys but no one came close to Mr Pinions experience and knowledge . He reviewed the case in depth and found weaknesses and errors and fought back vigorously . He gave personal attention and have ton and tons of knowledge in field of law. Thanks

– Posted by Irfan Aziz


I was falsely accused of issues that I’d rather not mention publicly. Needless to say, I hired Jorge Pinon in a time of desperation. Mr. Pinon took my case and after years of tireless fighting for my cause, I won! It would not have happened without Mr. Pinon on my side. He knows the law, he fights feverishly for his clients, and he never gives up. He’s not intimidated by multimillion dollar law firms, and he beats them at their game. I’ve watched him go up against a team of the best 8 attorneys for a large multimillion dollar law firm and put them all to shame. If the world had more attorneys like Mr. Pinon, the profession would be revered next to GOD!

– Posted by Anthony

60,000.00 Dollar deficiancy Judgement dismissed”

Jorge Pinon is not only a great attorney but also a good freind with a positive attititude. He was able to dismiss 60,000.00 deficiancy judgment that a creditor placed on me during a realestate transaction. He worked extrmely fast adn delivered on all of his promises which is very importnant to me. I am recomending Jorge to all my freinds.

– Posted by Chris

Highly Recommended & Dedicated Attorney

Mr. Pinon is an excellent attorney who always demonstrates a tremendous dedication to his law profession. He is always very well prepared for every case he takes on and this can be clearly demonstrated by the great success of his law firm. He is an excellent litigator and his knowledge in his field is exceptional. Mr. Pinon is dedicated to his clients and in my opinion, one of the greatest attorneys whom I’d highly recommend.

– Posted by Ruben

Jorge L Piñon .. El abogado que Dios mando a la Tierra ..

No tengo la menor idea de como comenzar lo que quiero escribir , se me unen tantos recuerdos que alguna vez llegue a pensar . Sera realidad lo que me sucede ? … Como todo lo bueno que existe sobre la tierra es creacion de Dios , fue Dios quien me llevo a su oficina , fua algo como .. Este no te conviene , ve a este otro … Al igual que miles de familias en los EE.UU , caimos en la desgracia de la caida de la economia y para mayor mala suerte , asume la presidencia un señor que no sabia nada y unde mas al pais , lo lleva por un abismo y Yo estaba cayendo en el hueco … Casi a punto de perder mi casa , deprimido y con el animo por el piso , voy a la oficina de un Abogado para que me ayudara con aquel problema y me dice , YO NO ATIENDO ESOS CASOS , TOMA ESTA TARJETA Y DILES QUE VAS DE PARTE MIA .. Sali de aquella oficina con las alas cortadas , no veia , no escuchaba , no hablaba , no razonaba , habia perdido toda esperanza de lograr el sueño Americano . Enseguida me vino a la mente mi familia , mis hijas , su estabilidad emocional , sus escuelas , sus amistades , en fin , se me unio el cielo con la tierra … La primera vez , la primera cita que tuve en la oficina del Abogado Jorge L Piñon , tuve la sensacion de estar en el lugar indicado , en el lugar perfecto , en el lugar donde Dios me habia mandado sin Yo saberlo . Jorge , como Yo lo llamo , me xplico paso a paso de todo lo que podia suceder , como y cuando , sin decirme nada en concreto me dio la seguridad que mi familia y Yo necesitabamos , paso el tiempo y paso y Jorge me hizo realidad el sueño Americano , logro que me qurdara en mi casa , que mantuviera la estabilidad y la union de mi familia y sobre todas las cosas me enseño que todavia en este mundo consumido por el $$$ , todavia existen Abogados que mas que por el $$$ , trabajan por la pasion de sus carreras , trabajan por el bien de sus clientes . Jorge L Piñon es el Abogdo de Dios en la tierra , Jorge fue la persona que Dios destino para salvar mi casa , Jorge se convirtio en un amigo , Jorge es uno de los pocos o quizas el unico Abogado con quien he conversado como si fuera un amigo de años , hemos tocado mil temas y no hemos extendido por horas hablando y hablando a tal extremo que su secreteria , magnifica secretaria , le ha tocado la puerta para recordarle que tiene un pendiente porque a el ya se le habia olvidado .. En fin señores , disculpen si me extendi demasiado en comentar sobre Jorge L Piñon , pero les puedo decir asi de facil que si necestan asistencia legal , no duden ponerse en las manos del señor Jorge , no lo digo por tener una muy buena amistad con el , lo comento porque Abogados como Jorge L Piñon ya no existen en este Gran Pais … Es por eso que cada vez que puedo hablo de el , de como me ayudo , de la confianza que me dio , es por eso que cada dia de accion de gracias lo llamo o le escribo para agradecerle todo lo que hizo por mi y mi familia … Gracias por todo Jorge , Gracias por haber sido mi abogado , gracias por estar ahi para ayudar a la comunidad …. Gracias … Saludos y Abrazos …. Frank …

– Posted by Frank Garcia .

Jorge Luis Pinon saved my career!

Just a few short weeks after completing my M.D. degree and being accepted to one of the most prestigious residency programs in the country, remnants of legal mistakes I made in a past life came back to haunt me. Criminal charges filled against me in my late teenage years hampered my ability to get my medical license. Instantaneously, all I had sacrificed and poured my soul into for so many years was hanging in the balance. I sought the help of an attorney; luckily, a family member referred me to Mr. Pinon for his excellent work and expertise. I recall my first conversation with Jorge and how comforted I was by the fact I was able to reach him on his cell phone. This meant a lot to me and spoke highly of his attention to detail and genuine care for his clients. Mr. Pinon is consummate professional with outstanding legal expertise and experience, and a human quality that put me at ease in the midst of the most difficult time in my professional life. Jorge and his firm represented me in the most stringent of time restraints, as the board was meeting to make a decision in my case within 2 days. Mr. Pinon and his firm worked diligently and passionately at putting together my case to present to the medical board. I was elated when my license was approved and my medical career was saved, thanks to the outstanding and thorough work Jorge and his firm had done for me. I’m loving life right now! Good to know I will always have the best legal representation with Jorge Pinon! Thank you, Jorge!

– Posted by Ariel

Excelente Profesional

Profesional por excelencia, dedicado 100% a sus clientes, con tenacidad y fuerza, ayuda a toda causa justa. Siendo un joven abogado es de los que brillan en nuestra sociedad norteamericana, dando asi que Estados Unidos de Norteamerica , TODAVIA tiene abogados que se respetan y respetan a sus clientes

– Posted by Cira

Excellent attorney

Mr. Piñon has been my attorney for over 5 years and has been very trustworthy and diligent at resolving my legal matters. He has helped me obtain monies owed to me in various foreclosure situations. Furthermore, he has gone far beyond his duties as a lawyer to fight for what is just in my cases. Finally, I have always been impressed with his kindness.

– Posted by Norma

“Superb Attorney”-highly recommended

Jorge is a fantastic lawyer, he promptly answered my concerns on my matter. He was very honest and a extremely hard working. Jorge is very eager an enthusiastic about his work, so his results speak volumes. He is always positive and the best part of him is the way he handles a deposition. I felt like I was his only client. Excellent litigator and thanks to him I was able to collect unpaid monies owed to me that I though were long gone.

– Posted by Anas

What other lawyers should strive to be.

Mr Pinon is a man who takes great honor and pride in what he does not only in his professional life but also as a human being. He is one of the most honest and trust worthy people I have meet. Mr. Pinon is one of a kind and we as his client should feel honored that he is willing to take us on as new clients. I have had several lawyers prior to meeting Mr. Pinon from some of the biggest firms. All I got was big bills and no results. Mr. Pinon bills extremely fair and gets you results, which is what makes him a top-notch attorney.

– Posted by Mads Thomsen

A Cut Above Most ,Highly Moral and Ethical

Mr. Jorge Pinon is one in a million. I am elected official in Miami Dade County being persecuted mercilessly and unjustly by Miami Dade County Commission on Ethics. In my tenure as a commissioner I have not accepted so much as a cup of coffee from anyone.
When I came to Mr. Pinon, he told me he had to first review my case. He was actually looking to see if this was something he morally could get behind. 3 days later he told me he would take my case. He said”Sometimes good has to stand up for good or evil wins!”
He is extremely versed in the law and uses the letter ofthe law to defend his clients position.. Unfortunately there are not too many in the legal profession who have the knowledge or understanding of the law that Mr. Pinon has. This attorney is most defimitely a rare breed among the many shisters in this profession. Mr. Pinon has earned my utmost respect and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

– Posted by Valerie

very Honest and Hard working attorney

I was looking for an attorney to help me on my foreclosure defense, and Jorge Piñon has been able to help me with my case. He is very ethical and fair person. Unlike many other attorneys he tells you the true and the things how they are. He does not lie on your face promising miracles but rather working hard for my interests. I highly recommend Mr. jorge Piñon for your legal needs.

– Posted by anonymous


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