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What kind of Lawyer is right for my case? 

What kind of lawyer do I need?  During the 2008 foreclosure crisis we learned that many people who were being sued in foreclosure thought that a real estate lawyer was the right type of lawyer. They reasoned that it only makes sense that a real estate lawyer is the right lawyer for the job because the law suit was about real estate. Unless the real estate lawyer knows how to litigate, that is not the right type of lawyer for that case!

Choosing the right attorney can make all the difference, lets face it, not all attorneys want to litigate. Many attorneys are transaction attorneys. Transaction attorneys are attorneys whose main work involves research, drafting, negotiating, and advising. Lawyers that engage in transactional practice rarely, if ever, see the inside of a courtroom. 


A litigator is a type of lawyer that handles the litigation process in civil cases. Litigators are generally the types of lawyers that resemble the ones you see on TV. Do you want a transactional attorney fighting your lawsuit against an aggressive litigator? That is why it is so important to determine what kind of attorney is right for your matter.

We at JLP Legal are litigators first! Most of our practice involves litigation and we have a reputation for being tough. Do you have the right kind of lawyer? Call us today, maybe we can help.

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