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Construction Law 

Construction Worker


At any time during a construction process, legal Disputes issues may occur.  From before the project starts and even years after the work is done, things may go wrong.  Unpaid work, deficiencies during the construction, or poor construction among many other things, may lead to big headaches.


As a Contractor or Subcontractor you bid or were selected to work on a new project.  You receive a contract for the new project with hundreds of pages and have no idea what you are signing, but you sign anyways.  You start working and realize that the Contractor or owner now wants additional services or materials than those you signed up for.... but wait, do you actually know what the construction contract you signed requires for you to get paid for those changes? What about deadlines, and delay damages?


In many cases you trust that your understanding of the agreement between the parties was materialized on the contract you signed. Then you see some discrepancies within the contract, but your friend, the contractor or subcontractor, tells you, go head, no worries we will work things out, forget what the paper says.  Something goes wrong, friends are no longer friends and the issues start piling up. Unsigned Change Orders, unpaid retainages, or missing deadlines.  You are now owed thousands and thousands  of dollars and do not know what to do. 


Construction projects typically involves several parties. What happens if your performance is delayed because of other sub contractors, the Owner or the Contractor?  Some construction contracts contain daily fines for delay damages. It is important to understand the repercussions of a construction contract and that's why at JLP Legal, we will be able to help.  Mr. Pinon's  extensive background in construction has given him the unique opportunity to represent homeowners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and other professionals in the construction industry. He understands it not only from the his desk,  but from the actual job-site when he used to build. 


Mr. Pinon will handle all issues resulting from construction issues, not only in a small commercial environment, but also residential and industrial and projects on a large scale.  Our services include: 

  • Contract negotiation and formation It is always best to have an experienced attorney negotiate a construction contract prior to signing.

  • Assisting during Construction Process

  • Construction Lien Claims/Notices to Owner/Bond

  • Contractor and subcontractor litigation

  • Construction Defects litigation 

It is very important that you protect your rights from the beginning of the project. Whether you are Contractor or Subcontractor, there are many deadlines that you must follow.


Florida Construction Lien Law protect and provides the most efficient method for getting paid in full.  If strictly followed,  a contractor or sub-contractor should be well protected by using the Lien Law.  Strict compliance of the Lien Law is required and unfortunately many contractors fail to perfect their lien rights properly. Don't allow the deadlines to pass without perfecting your lien rights!

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